O que dizem nossos clientes

Quando conversei com o Eduardo estava muito bem posicionado na empresa onde trabalhava, mas me sentia massacrado pelo dia-a-dia e sem energia. Eduardo se vale de toda sua bagagem profissional, além de muita empatia, para questionar certezas e comportamentos que cremos serem os únicos possíveis para nós. Ele facilita o encontro de respostas para as perguntas mais desconfortáveis e ajuda a definir um objetivo que guarde maior afinidade com nossa essência. Hoje sou uma pessoa que reconhece com mais facilidade as atividades que me trazem genuína felicidade.

Rafael Martinelli – De executivo a empreendedor de sucesso

Eduardo is a brilliant mind who easily makes connections among previously unrelated notions. I have benefited many times from his talents in coaching to overcome difficult situations with a totally new perspective. Eduardo has it all, techniques and soft skills to help you give a totally new impulse into your life.

Caroline Candas – Communications & Change Management Freelance

Eduardo is a great listener, handles questioning very well, and is always subtle. Therefore, while you’re talking, or even later, you realize that the conversation has helped you finding the most important message of your talk, and more interesting, the passion that you really have. Those qualities are difficult to learn, and Eduardo has them in him.

Watch his speech here.

Patrice Roulive – Chief Operational Officer at Telemis – Speaker at TEDxLouvainLaNeuve

genYus generously offered to meet our students prior to their TEDx event and applied their considerable experience and expertise to mentor them in how to approach the task of curator. Eduardo gave them tips on organization, logistics and coaching and helped build their confidence and skills in the process. We are immensely grateful for genYus’ support in bringing our event to a hugely positive and successful conclusion.

Laura McDonagh – Head of English at The British School of Brussels – Organizer TEDxBSB
Camille de Moor

genYus looks for the professional speaker in each one of us. Driven by his interest and enthusiasm to connect with the person in front of him, Eduardo brings the natural talent of the speaker to the surface. By encouraging and not letting down, he positively drives the speaker to use his/her own talent to perfection, which empowers each speech to the fullest.
Watch the speeches here and here.

Camille de Moor – TEDxGhent Speaker Coaching Team Leader

genYus incorporates a deep knowledge with a passion for human psychology. Their consistent understanding of multigenerational relations in the corporate environment gives them a hawk eye insight on behaviors, attitudes and people’s motivational carrots.

Thierry Pilette – Marketing & Sales Manager at ISPC Seychelles

I have worked with genYus when preparing to speak in a live event. I can qualify our collaboration in 3 words: detail, content and concern. Eduardo not only respected the content of my speech, but also helped me clarify it for the audience. He gets deeply involved in the process and has a strong sense of concern and respect for the speaker.

Watch his speech here.

Alphonse Muambi – Political Journalist, Lobbyist and Author – Speaker at TEDxGhent

I’ve been coached by genYus on several occasion and have particularly appreciated Eduardo’s ability in confronting me to help emerge new resources that I could use. His intuition and analytical skills also allow him to quickly assess where the issue is, and then, very empathically, help you overcome internal blockages. Eduardo is an effective, authentic coach with a great deal of sensibility.

Corinne Vandenplas – Coach de femmes at Woman’s Live

I had the privilege of working with genYus before an important speech. Eduardo is a dedicated and extremely passionate coach. His advice, his critique, and his encouragements, made his coaching technique extremely powerful and effective. I will work with him again and recommend genYus coaching services to everyone, even those who think they don’t need it. They’d be surprised!

Watch her speech here.

Saoussen Mahjoub – Graduate Student in EU International Relations at The College of Europe – Speaker at TEDxCollegeOfEurope