Intergenerational Collaboration Course

by Eduardo Estellita on maio 16, 2015

In Brazil, the young generations now account for 47% of the working age population. Despite the great demand for qualified professionals in our organizations, there is a scarcity in retention and talent development practices adapted to the new generations. In addition, the lack of coherent information about the generations leave leaders of young or multigenerational teams helpless to understand and deal with any conflicts that may arise.

In order to meet this need, from August 11th to September 8th, I’ll be teaching a course on Intergenerational Collaboration at Central Coordination of Extension (CCE) of PUC-Rio.

In 8 meetings (total of 24 hours), the course aims to provide to the participant practical knowledge of how to motivate, lead and develop people of different generations in a professional setting. From the discovery of the differences between each generation in the way they see the world and in the origins of certain behaviors and expectations, participants develop self-awareness and the ability to empathize, in different contexts, with the other’s perspective. The course will stimulate also the joint development of solutions to specific organizational issues.

Open to the general public (though practical experience in corporate environment or team management is recommended), the program is aimed at professionals or students who work and/or have an interest in the management of multigenerational teams or mainly composed of young Generation Y and Z. It’s also intended for HR professionals who work in the development of new organizational policies, in order to better adapt to the changes in the Brazilian employee profile.

We will cover a range of solutions, which can be found in the articles at our website and many others still unpublished. All that, in a format that blends theoretical models with the co-construction of practical knowledge emerging from the experiences of the participants.


Some content covered in the course:

  • 10 forces changing the workplace
  • The genesis of a generation
  • Psychological evolution of the individual
  • Life cycles x generational effects
  • Generational psychosocial profile
  • Generations and geography: Brazil and cultural convergence
  • Intergenerational relations: obstacles and leverage
  • Intergenerational Management
  • Generational expectations towards the organization
  • Differences in models of people management
  • Differences in the expectations of followers
  • Differences in communication preferences
  • Generations and Human Resources
  • Differences in learning preferences
  • Cross-mentoring (benefits and challenges)
  • New work paradigms (flex work, BYOD, NWOW, work-life balance)
  • New practices in Recruitment and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Intergenerational Leadership
  • The leader-coach
  • Intergenerational Mediation
  • Key skills for the next decade
  • Generation Y Leadership Development
  • Young generations organizational readiness diagnosis

You can register at the CCE website. Sign up now. Seats are limited!

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