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Coaching is a process of supporting an individual or a group through positive change.
It is both a technique and an art in asking questions that reframe perspectives and allow solutions to specific situations to emerge.
Since the coaching process focuses on a specific goal, it is generally a much briefer process than the therapeutic one.

Coaching’s central belief is that the client has already inside him the potential to find the best solutions and take ownership over his future. The coach acts as catalyzer of change, by mobilizing the client’s energy and creating a space in which obstacles can be evacuated and new resources found.

My greatest joy in coaching comes from assisting you in discovering sustainable solutions that stick to who you are and help you grow as a person. My clients frequently testify of my talent for connecting them with a lot of empathy to their own ideas and stimulating them to turn these ideas into action.

I’m a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
It’ll be a pleasure to welcome you in my office in Ipanema.


Youth leadership

LeadNow!, the British youth leadership program that has already been adopted by the top universities in the world, finally arrives in Brazil!

Our 2 or 3-day program, delivered by seasoned professionals, is also present in England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Kenya, Russia and South Africa and has a very high approval rating by our participants.

You will not only learn about leadership, you will discover how you, specifically, can lead and will practice leading others and teams. It will be a deeply inspiring personal experience!

We are a social enterprise that works with high schools, universities and student associations throughout Brazil. If you’d like to have more information on how to bring LeadNow! to your institution, send us a message.


Public speaking

Public speaking is the most effective way to inform, inspire and call to action a large number of individuals. Nowadays, it is an essential skill of every leader.

Inside organizations, we offer public speaking workshops to managers and trainee programs.
We also work with sponsors and event organizers that want their speakers to present in a clear, concise and engaging manner.

With a rich experience in coaching speakers of all fields of human knowledge (including more than 30 TEDx speakers), we offer a personalized coaching, adapted to your needs: from defining your core message to acquiring the most effective tools in oratory, as well as managing your stress.

Whether presenting inside their companies or in international forums, most of the speakers that have worked with us discovered the pleasure of speaking in public.

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In a globalized world, we all must learn to navigate comfortably different intercultural situations.

Intercultural relations in the workplace” is a training program that helps you develop productive relationships in a multicultural working environment.
The program encourages the participants to self-reflect, practice empathy, become curious, appreciate diversity and adapt their behaviors.
It can also be adapted to your organizations context, working with real cases from the participants.

Group coaching for expats” helps foreigners (and Brazilians returning from abroad) integrate in Brazilian culture.
Thanks to a variety of cultural models that open your perspective and guide the discussions, you will benefit from the life experiences of each participant, as well as a free individual coaching session.

Both programs are part of our course “Intercultural Relations” in the Masters program in European Relations at the Catholic Institute of Paris (IPC).
We count with a 12-year experience in expatriation (5 different countries) and a certification in Coaching Across Cultures©

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Intergenerational and generation Y

After 3 years researching the subject, managing intergenerational relations is our first and foremost expertise.

Understanding and developing Generation Y” is a training program that shares psycho-sociological insight about the 4 generations in the workplace to spark the development of self-awareness, ability to take the other’s perspective and the coaching attitude.
The program is modular and can be adapted to your organizations context, working with real cases from the participants.

We’re also available for seminars and workshops to inform a larger audience and raise awareness about the different generations.

Through coaching or consulting, we apply our intergenerational expertise to help young talents adjust to managerial positions or leaders manage intergenerational conflicts within their team and transform organizational culture.

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