Who we are

Eduardo Estellita

Professor, facilitator and public speaker, Eduardo is an expert in diversity and youth leadership.
He’s also a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and in Cross-Cultural Coaching©.

An Industrial Engineer and Mathematician from PUC-Rio, with a Masters from Ecole Centrale Paris, he has taught at PUC-Rio, in high school and in an outreach educational NGO. Internationally, he has lectured in French and in English at Université Libre de Bruxelles, at Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve and Ecole Centrale Paris. Nowadays, Eduardo teaches Intercultural Relations in the Masters in European Relations at Institut Catholique de Paris.

From 2005 to 2012, he has held strategic positions in Europe at L’Oréal, AB InBev and Nespresso, and led several projects and Change Management initiatives at international level.

In 2012, he founded genYus @work to research new social phenomena and help organizations work effectively (and develop) Generation Y. Nowadays, genYus@work offers a wide array of services to individuals, businesses and institutions that wish to redefine meaning, autonomy and social impact.

In 2013, Eduardo curated and organized TEDxLouvainLaNeuve and spoke at TEDxLeuven. Since then, he works as a public speaking coach for several organizations.

In 2014, after a decade living abroad, he returned to Rio de Janeiro.
That year, he also founded LeadNow Brasil, after facilitating the program at the University of Bristol.

Eduardo is passionate about people! He believes that only by raising awareness about their talents and valuing the differences between them, we will liberate our collective potential to face the challenges of the 21st century. He believes that we’re living a rare turning point in History that will redefine what happiness, community and success look like.

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Our values

Values are the fastest, surest path towards a fulfilled existence, because they are at the core of our identity and human connections.

Values allow us to align our actions to our true self. Moreover, while beliefs divide, values unite people.

These values guide my life and my work. They were identified during a long personal development process, and have been observed by others in 360°.
On several occasions, they have also helped me make difficult decisions and I try my best to live by them every day.

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Why us?

  • We live our values

    We don’t hire consultants to tell us what we are supposed to believe in

  • We focus on awareness and empathy to prepare leaders for the 21st century

    We don’t train people to mimic obsolete management models

  • We focus on the complex roots of problems and search for sustainable solutions

    We don’t sell “shortcuts”, “miracles” or “patches”

  • We treat our clients as they deserve: in a holistic and customized way

    We don’t subject them to the production line

  • We believe that motivation comes before talent when acquiring new skills

    We don’t force feed new skills to unwilling clients

  • We lean on a solid personal and professional experience

    We don’t “theorize” or develop models that don’t work in real life

  • We are continuously learning and reading (over 150 days spent in trainings over the past 4 years)

    We don’t get lazy and believe we have all the answers

  • We get the most demanding certifications and the most solid partnerships

    We don’t cut corners