Why intergenerational collaboration must be a priority in your organization?

by Eduardo Estellita on julho 24, 2015

How can we innovate?

This is the number 1 concern in the minds of top leaders of the largest (and smallest) organizations of the planet. By innovation, we don’t mean here an effort to gain a slight competitive advantage. In an increasingly more demanding globalized market, innovation is about survival.

To understand and to take advantage of the disruptive transformations of the last 4 decades can become the difference between being dragged by the wave of change or surfing over it. In 40 years, the world’s population doubled, half of it moved to the cities and, over the last 20 years, we’ve connected each of these people, both physically (through the reduction of airfares) and virtually (through the popularization of the internet).

The structure of the communication between organizations and their stakeholders has evolved from a 1->n (mass media) and n->1 (focus groups) systems into a global and fluid n->n conversation. In this process, the production of information grew exponentially, surpassing our human capacity to process it all.

It is in this context of accelerated volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that innovation, as the product of an isolated thinker, disappears. If, in the past, years of experience warranted for a job well done, today the absorption of and adaptation to change has become equally important. In the 21st century, systemic challenges require effective collaboration.

And that’s precisely at this point where generations become so essential!

We tend to underestimate the impact of transformations. We tend to underestimate how much the sociocultural environment, on a given moment, has a direct influence on us, depending on which life stage we find ourselves in.

Ecstatic, we observe 1-year olds playing with iPads, without realizing that they aren’t evolved beings, simply individuals adapted to a context very different than when we were on our diapers. Certainly, this same environment will give birth to a generation whose values, beliefs, talents, dreams and desires are completely different from ours. Each new generation is nothing more than a picture of the world we live in.

The 21st century world has no place for those who “own the truth”. No individual or generation withholds the knowledge to solve our present or future challenges. Each one of us has only a piece of the puzzle. Bringing down the walls between generations inside the organization must be the first step into solving it and putting in place a true culture of innovation.

The open course “Colaboração Intergeracional” at PUC-Rio aims to provide participants with practical knowledge in order to motivate, lead and develop individuals from different generations in a professional setting, as well as prepare organizations for this culture of innovation.

From the discovery of the differences between each generation, in the way they perceive the world and the origins of certain behaviors and expectations, the participant will develop self-awareness and the ability to take the perspective of another generation. At last, in multigenerational teams, he will experience the construction of solutions to concrete organizational challenges.

Where will you be during the next wave of transformation?



Colaboração Intergeracional: Motivando, liderando e desenvolvendo diferentes gerações no ambiente de trabalho

11/08/2015 to 08/09/2015

Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 19h to 22h

PUC-Rio – Unidade Gávea

Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225 Casa XV – Gávea – Rio de Janeiro – RJ


Sign up at,-liderando-e-desenvolvendo&nInst=cce

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